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In 2013 Expect Champagne Soirees and Grand Prix Level Giveaways

ShowChic Announces Exciting Plans for 2013 Dressage Season

Michele and Doug Hundt along with ArloWellington, FL (January 8, 2013) - ShowChic dressage boutique in Wellington, FL, has just announced exciting new plans for 2013 to support and promote the outstanding equestrian competitors coming in for the Florida Winter season. “I think it’s going to be a fantastic season,” predicts Doug Hundt, who co-owns ShowChic with his wife, Michele Hundt, “People are coming in from Europe and Australia who have never been here before. Also, Michelle and I are hearing from friends who haven’t been to Wellington for four or five years, and they are coming back simply because the enthusiasm has returned!”

ShowChic will kick off the season in style with a customer raffle at the World Masters and Wellington Classic CDI in January. One lucky ShowChic customer will “ride” off in a new Grand Prix shadbelly. During the 2013 Global Dressage Festival ShowChic will sponsor the Jog Turnout Award. This glamorous prize will be awarded at the ShowChic Champagne Soiree hosted at their mobile boutique on the show grounds just after the CDI jogs. Along with receiving a gift certificate, the winner will be presented with win prizes from the amazing lines of equestrian favorites that ShowChic carries. Brand names such as Back on Track, Fleck whips, Herman Springer and many other top-line dressage product and fashion lines will be included in this stylish award. Equestrians will have the opportunity to mingle with fellow dressage riders and get ready for the following day’s competition. Also at each CDI at the Global Dressage Festival, ShowChic will be hosting an enter-to-win raffle with every purchase for a Cavallo breech of choice.

Also for 2013, and by popular demand, ShowChic is continuing its series of Shop Talk evenings, which are social gatherings, centered on dressage educational themes hosted with the Gold Coast Dressage Association. Past Shop Talk speakers have included Olympians Bent Jensen and Lars Petersen, New York Times Bestseller Tami Hoag, USDF President, George Williams and beloved classical dressage master Walter Zettl…just to name a few. Despite this impressive this impressive history, the 2013 Shop Talk speakers will not disappoint and will include Olympians, authors and a few dressage legends!

Plans are also in place to host a number of on-site trunk shows with equestrian and fashion experts on hand to give presentations and answer questions and give insiders information on what’s new and exciting in dressage.

Photo: A toast to the season- Doug and Michele Hundt and their famous dressage greeter, Arlo toast the 2013 dressage season in Florida.

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USDF President George Williams at Shop Talk

USDF President George Williams Updates GMO Members ShowChic at Shop Talk

Shop Talk 2012 with George WilliamsWellington, FL (November 17, 2012) – United States Dressage Federation (USDF) President George Williams drew a standing room only crowd to ShowChic dressage boutique on Wednesday, November 14, where he talked about a number of new developments at the USDF. In addition to being president of the USDF, Williams is a decorated Grand Prix rider and trainer that currently trains for Elizabeth (Betsy) Juliano at Havensafe Farm in Ohio and Florida.

Williams kicked of the evening with two very exciting new developments at USDF: the inaugural US Dressage Finals and the new score website, Designed to preserve the accuracy of the scores, is a database of results of USDF sanctioned shows that is easily accessible. The new site provides USDF members easy access to their score history, on any horse they have competed on in the last 25 years. The site is very easy to access, informative, and free to USEF members.

The USDF is also gearing up for the first annual US Dressage Finals, which will take place at the Kentucky Horse Park on November 7-10, 2013. The Finals, which George explained will be separate from the high performance championships at the USEF Festival of Champions, has been approved for 2013 by both the USDF and United States Dressage Federation (USEF). Riders will qualify for the finals using regional championships scores, and will have winners for the Grand Prix, Grand Prix Special, Grand Prix Freestyles and small tour classes instead of an overall winner for each division. For more information on the US Dressage Finals, visit Williams explained that a dressage national championships or finals show has been in works for over a decade. He was excited to see it finally come to its fruition, but told the very enthusiastic crowd it is a work in process and their will be more information after the USDF Convention in December.

“We were absolutely thrilled to host George,” said Michele Hundt, owner of ShowChic. “He is so personable and brought us information on some very relevant and interesting topics. Guests at Shop Talk were very excited to have first hand access to their USDF president and after his talk, the one on ones lasted for some time as George answered more questions and got feedback from USDF members.” “Of course the evening wasn’t all business as George entertained the crowd with his personal stories, too and helped with the evenings raffle for great prizes from Back on Track, ShowChic and Saddle Train Realty,” Hundt added.

Photo: (L to R), USDF President George William who headlined this month’s ShopTalk at ShowChic dressage boutique with Krystalann Shingler and Michele Hundt

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Stacey Brown Dissects Dressage Biomechanics at Oct ShopTalk

Bones, Bones, Bones-
Skeletons and Dressage: Stacey Brown Dissects Dressage Biomechanics

Shop Talk 2012 Stacey BrownWellington, FL (October 17, 2012) – Just in time for Halloween, ShowChic dressage boutique was filled with skeletons and a standing room only crowd as physical therapist Stacey Brown discussed the biomechanics of dressage for both horse and rider. Brown, who specializes in neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation, spoke on the how the spine, muscles, and external forces like the rider and saddle affect a horse’s movement.

Brown elaborated on the motions of the equine spine, from flexion and extension to bending, rotation, and how the muscle groups act together and are connected to the vertebrae. Using real spines obtained from medical specimens, she demonstrated how forces like the saddle, rider, and injuries affect how the horse moves and uses the muscle groups. She also showed how the rounding and collection asked of the horse in dressage can create problems if the horse is being impeded by a rider sitting incorrectly, an unevenness in muscle development, incorrect farrier work, or improper saddle fit. Brown has also been a contributing writer for the ShowChic ShowNews newsletter for over 2 years.

Photo: Physical therapist Stacey Brown elaborates on the motions of the equine spine during ShowChic’s October ShopTalk.

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ShowChic’s Michele Hundt Puts Color in the Art of Dressage

Michele Hundt ArtWellington, FL (August 24, 2012) – Fashion and art go hand in hand, especially at ShowChic, an upscale dressage fashion boutique located in Wellington, Florida. ShowChic is the ultimate destination for dressage riders who want the height of fashion, the latest colors and the perfect coordinates for their ensembles – turning dressage riders into true works of art.

Art can also be found on the walls of ShowChic, painted by Michele Hundt, owner of ShowChic and the boutique’s resident artist. “I combine my fashion background with my artistic ability to make ShowChic a unique boutique,” Hundt said.

Hundt’s work is displayed on the walls of ShowChic, and the bright bold colors and abstract shapes – which Hundt said describe the beauty and motion of the horse – makes ShowChic a true Wellington shopping destination.

Hundt expresses her artistic gift through original abstract paintings, figure paintings and equine artwork. Hundt said she enjoys the intensity of large-scale artwork and works in large dimensions. “My art reflects the many years of riding and watching how the horse moves,” she said.

“Art is my background. I used to work at a major department store as a fashion art director, so combining my fashion background and artistic ability is a natural fit for me,” Hundt said.

For over 17 years Hundt served as a Designer and Artistic Director at various companies in the Midwest. A graduate of the Cooper School of Art in Cleveland, Hundt also studied Drawing at the Cleveland Museum of Art and Figure Drawing at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Her work has appeared in the Mulry Fine Art Gallery in Palm Beach, Florida and the Artists Haven Gallery in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Hundt’s colorful equine artwork hangs on the walls in many equestrian’s homes, and can be found a striking note cards in the store, and even on the covers of dressage show prize lists; including a past Palm Beach Derby CDI souvenir prize program cover.

Photo: Michele Hundt, the owner of ShowChic dressage boutique in Wellington, Florida, is also the boutique’s resident artist. Hundt, who paints in bold colors and abstract shapes, stands in front of her painting called “Tijuana.”

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