Advice from “The Bills”

by Bill Warren and Bill McMullin

Bill Warren and Bill McMullin - The BillsBill Warren, FEI 3* and USEF ‘S’ Dressage Judge, USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist. Bill McMullin, USEF ‘r’ Dressage Judge (currently in ‘R’ Judge’s Training Program) USDF Certified Instructor and Faculty, USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist. The Bills are based at Drywater Farm in Stoughton, MA from May through November, and at Altersgait Farm in White Fences, Loxahatchee, FL December through April. [Warren-McMullin Dressage]

The Bills are contributing authors to the monthly ShowChic ChicTimes newsletter. Have a question for the Judges? Contact ShowChic and let us know!


TWO CENTS from THE TWO BILLS: Between the First and Last Halt

[Feb 2015] Last month our article focused on the specifics of riding quality centerlines to optimize your score and to make your first and last impression to the judge in the best way possible. Now for everything that comes in between our first and last halts, it’s important that we are always totally confident in knowing the rest of the test! [Read entire article]


[Jan 2015] When Michele Hundt asked us to do a Shop Talk at her Show Chic store in Wellington recently, we at first weren’t sure what angle to take in presenting some insight into the judge’s perspective. Michele came up with The Two Bills Share Their Two Cents theme and that paved the way for developing a presentation that covered a little bit of everything! There was a standing room only crowd that night with much enthusiasm and great questions that led to lively discussion! And now the event has led to this – a regular addition to Michele’s Show Chic Times newsletter. [Read entire article]